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Other Shipping Container Types

Hi Cube Shipping Containers

Identical in every way to a standard shipping container, only a foot taller. Ideal for loading oversized cargo or for when you require extra storage capacity. We offer these Hi Cube shipping containers in 10ft, 20ft & 40ft sizes.


Tunnel Shipping Containers

Tunnel Shipping Containers come with container double doors at both ends. This allows loading from both ends or for a partition to be added creating two separate containers. We offer these tunnel containers or double door containers in 20ft and 40ft sizes.


Side Access Shipping Containers

When access is tight or loading irregular loads, side access containers are an ideal solution. The whole side of the container opens as well as one end. These containers are offered in 20ft & 40ft sizes.


Open Top Shipping Containers

Used primarily for cargo shipping but can also be used for storage purposes, Open Top Shipping Containers allow for top loading of cargo with a removable roof or tarpaulin. We offer these containers in 20ft and 40ft sizes.


Flat Rack Shipping Containers

We offer Flat Rack Shipping Containers in 20ft & 40ft sizes. This shipping container type are primarily used for transporting machinery, vehicles and plant


Office & Canteen Containers

Available off the shelf or designed specifically to the customers requirements we supply office containers and canteen containers in various types and sizes. These containers can be fitted with lights, electrics, heaters, sinks, toilets, hot & cold, insulated and ply lined.


Flat Pack Containers

When access on site means we cannot deliver a shipping container we can offer flat pack containers. These containers can be delivered in a van and then assembled on site.



Office Container

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