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40ft Shipping Containers

If you are looking for substantial storage space or shipping large quantities overseas then 40ft shipping containers the ideal solution. 40ft shipping containers represent the largest standard container size available. We supply these 40ft containers for sale in both new and used condition.

40ft containers provide the ideal basis for conversion projects and due to their size a frequently being turned into homes and offices.

40ft shipping containers serve the same purpose as other smaller containers but with much more space available. 


40ft Shipping Container Dimensions

  External Length External Width External Height
Standard 40ft 8ft 8ft 6in
Hi Cube 40ft 8ft 9ft 6in


  Internal Length Internal Width Internal Height Door Opening Height
Standard 39ft 3in 7ft 7in 7ft 9in 7ft 5in
Hi Cube 39ft 3in 7ft 7in 8ft 9in 8ft 5in

  Floor Area Cubic Capacity
Standard 305 sq ft 2360 cu ft
Hi Cube 305 sq ft 2660 cu ft

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