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20ft Shipping Containers

The standard size of shipping container is 20ft. Our 20ft containers are perfectly suited to shipping and transportation. New and Used 20ft containers represent great value for money and are perfect for domestic storage.

Our Used 20ft Containers are all guaranteed watertight and where required are certified for shipping. We purchase from several different shipping lines to ensure we can offer the best quality used 20ft containers at the most competitive prices.

Our New One Trip 20ft Shipping Containers are built to full ISO specification and come fitted with a security lock box and to minimise the risk of condensation, extra vents.

New and Used 20ft containers have an ever-increasing range of uses in the construction, agricultural, retail, sports and storage industries. We can offer a full range of modifications to help you get the most out of your 20ft container. These include roller shutter doors, personnel doors, windows, heaters, lighting, insulation and electrics. 20ft containers are the most popular type of shipping container due to their versatility.

From our depot network across the UK and Europe we can supply quality shipping containers at very competitive prices.

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20ft Shipping Container Dimensions

  External Length External Width External Height
Standard 20ft 8ft 8ft 6in
Hi Cube 20ft 8ft 9ft 6in

  Internal Length Internal Width Internal Height Door Opening Height
Standard 19ft 3in 7ft 7in 7ft 9in 7ft 5in
Hi Cube 19ft 3in 7ft 7in 8ft 9in 8ft 5in

  Floor Area Cubic Capacity
Standard 150 sq ft 1160 cu ft
Hi Cube 150 sq ft 1310 cu ft

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