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Containers for Sale

We offer the full range of new and used shipping containers for sale across the UK.

Standard Shipping Containers

We can supply 10ft, 20ft and 40ft containers for sale in both new and used condition.

New containers have competed 1-trip from factory to the UK carrying cargo. New containers come in a variety of colours with Blue and Green being the most common. New shipping containers come fitted with a lock box at no extra charge.

Used containers for sale are an average of 10 years old and have carried cargo at sea. They are guaranteed wind & watertight and will keep goods stored inside, clean, dry and secure.

Hi Cube Containers

Hi cube shipping containers offer an extra foot of height, 9ft 6in instead of the standard 8ft 6in. Hi cube containers are offred in 10ff, 20ft and 40ft sizes. The extra height container is ideal for storage of plant machinery, vehicles and over-sized stock.

Containers with Extra Doors

When loading and unloading stock into your container it can often be beneficial to have a container with extra doors. These can be containers with doors at both ends, containers with side doors and container with full side access.

Open Top Containers & Flat Rack Containers

Used for shipping and transportation, open top containers and flat rack containers are offered for sale in 20ft and 40ft sizes.

Temperature Controlled Containers

New and used refrigerated containers for sale. From standard shipping reefers to high spec coldstores built for the domestic cold storage market, we can supply a cost effective solution to your temperature controlled storage requirements.

Container Modifications

We can offer a full range of container modifications to fit your specific design. This includes fitting extra doors, fitting windows, anti-condensation grafotherm and re-painting.

Container Delivery

Our excellent network of container transport partners across the UK we can offer excellent rates on container delivery to your site.

We also supply all sizes of container for hire, including 10ft, 20ft & 40ft containers. All types of container supplied including Standard DV Shipping Containers, Hi Cube, Open Top, Side Access, tunneltainers and flat rack containers, as well as refrigerated containers for hire.

Container Depots

From our depot network across the UK we aim to deliver from your nearest depot to keep costs as low as possible. We currently store containers in London Essex Felixstowe Southampton Bristol Birmingham Leeds Liverpool Manchester and Glasgow.

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