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Shipping Container Modifications

Shipping containers are increasingly being adapted and modified to fulfil a wide range of uses. Construction companies, architects and businesses are seeing the benefit of using a shipping container as the basis for houses, shops, portable offices, workshops, changing rooms, canteens, pop-up market stalls and cafes.

Shipping container conversions typically start with a standard shipping container of 10ft, 20ft or 40ft in length. These standard containers can be modified to any length in between to suit the project. Containers can be positioned together and linked to form container tunnels or larger open office and workshop spaces.
Container modifications can vary greatly, from small cosmetic modifications such as re-painting to large-scale shipping container modifications like installing additional doors, plywood lining, installing electrics and plumbing.

The shipping container modification process usually starts with the customer laying out their requirements. The company carrying out the container modification will then put together a sketch or plan of the unit. The customer and company carrying out the changes will then work closely together to see the project through to completion and the customer’s satisfaction.

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